Frequently Asked Questions

'1 of 52' Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the '1 of 52' Network?
The '1 of 52' Hunger Network is a simple method of organization that unites 52 members in each state, each member representing one week of the year, who use their unique talents to take a minimum of one action in one week annually.

What exactly do you mean by "using our unique talents to take action"?
Everybody has a unique talent and a way to express it. We ask that you apply that talent to make a difference. Are you a musician or artist? Hold a food drive at one of your events. Throw a great party? Invite guests to bring food donations instead of gifts. Here's a Laundry List of possibilities:

~ Apply your special talents to help end hunger - We'll help show you how!
~ Organize a food drive
~ Donate all or a portion of proceeds from one revenue source annually*
~ Designate Proceeds from any income source*
~ Contribute your services, art, venue or merchandise to a hunger benefit auction
~ Create a fundraising event
~ Plant a garden and share the bounty
~ Volunteer to support existing hunger organizations - also encourage your family, friends, co-workers, employees
~ Lobby to allow your voice to be heard on hunger issues
~ Invent your own method of participating
~ Invest in your local community by supporting local businesses

(*Note: If you decide to make a monetary contribution, 100% goes directly to the hunger relief agency of your choice. Also, check for workplace 'matches'. Visit feinsteinfoundation.org regularly for news on their national fundraising incentive programs.)

Is there a cost to participate?
We charge no fee or dues. The only expense to you is how you choose to participate. There are many ways to take action with no out of pocket expense.

What is the '1 of 52' Concept & what is the purpose of the '1 of 52' method of organization?
To network with a simple, grassroots method to make individual actions connected with greater strength-in-numbers. To network a minimum of 52 members in each state, each representing one week of the year, who take action annually to help end hunger. In this way, we have consistent, cumulative, permanent action towards the goal of ending hunger.

Who can participate?
Everyone is welcome! Any musician, artists, individual, group, association, business can utalize their own special talents to participate in some way. Special Note: Much of our focus is based within the arts because the arts create a place in - the heart of - the community where caring folks tend to gather - often with action in mind.

How do we get an assigned week? You decide what week you can take your action. Pick one that is significant to you - that is then your week in your state. (The actual week is largely symbolic. It would great to have actions happening each week in a row, and if that eventually happens, great. For now, we are working toward a pivotal 'tipping point' of 52 week / members.)

Does it always have to be the same week annually? The week assignment is largely symbolic. YOU are '1 of 52'. Your action does not necessarily have to occur during the exact week all the time, as long as a minimum of one action is taken annually to represent your designated week.

How do I sign up and participate as a '1 of 52' Member?
Fill out the form at the 'Join Us' tab. We'll post your name / link / actions on our website. Participants are responsible for taking their own actions 'soup-to-nuts'. If you want your actions to be publicized, contact us with as much advance notice as possible.

Who benefits?
Anyone who participates donates 100% of all actions / proceeds directly to the their hunger agency of choice. (When asked, we suggest Feeding America www.feedingamerica.org (formerly America's Second Harvest) and their national network of food banks including the Rhode Island Community Food Bank and The Feinstein End Hunger Fund.)

What is the '1 of 52' Mission?
To unite mass grassroots action to support existing hunger organizations and their solutions.

Is hunger really a problem today?
According to Feeding America, in America alone, over 49 million Americans live in food insecure households.

How will this plan help end hunger?
Our plan is based around a basic 'strength in numbers' concept by uniting a minimum of 52 musicians, artists, organizations, businesses and everyday people, each representing one week of the year, who take a minimum of one action annually to help end hunger. This is an 'umbrella' organization working to increase the effectiveness of local support for existing hunger agencies by bringing constant attention and action to them.

Current / existing hunger organizations such as Feeding America and their affiliate National Anti-Hunger Organization's (NAHO) Blueprint to End Hunger, already know all the short and long term solutions to ending hunger. What they don't have, and are seeking, is the political will of the people to rally their cause. In a letter released by the NAHO, they have issued "a call to action to every segment of our society to mobilize and work to make the vision of a hunger-free America a reality.
The '1 of 52' Hunger Network (read: YOU!) is answering this call to action by helping to provide some of the political will they are asking for through prompting mass, grassroots action across America. OUR PLAN IS TO MAKE THEIR PLAN HAPPEN!!

How does the member's participation have an effect on hunger?
The answer is twofold: 1) By the direct actions they take such as supporting food banks. 2) By the inspiring a groundswell of public interest and involvement.

How do we know this plan will work?
It's already working. We have a model program up and running in RI with 52 weeks of the year accounted for. Plus we have chapters started in 22 other states. We've been positively impacting food organizations for over 20 years.

What if I'm already taking action annually?
Simply consider adding your name and actions to our growing national roster. We are organizing on two levels: 1st, brining together those who already take annual action creating an umbrella organization that fosters 'Strength in Numbers'. 2nd, Providing the means for others who would like to help, but have never been invited or not sure what to do.

How is this plan any different than others?
It's not a matter of difference. This program is inclusive of any and all other hunger program as an 'umbrella' organization. We a firmly based as a Strength-in-Numbers concept.

Why must we do it?
It’s obvious the problem persists in spite of all efforts to date. The solution is going to have to come 'from the ground up'. Collectively, we, the people, have the resources and the influence (hence the responsibility) to help bring about the changes needed to provide basic nutrition for all Americans. Why would we not do it?

As an Artist, If we contribute proceeds from a show, what about affiliates such as managers or agents?
We ask that you contribute only from proceeds that 'trickle down' to you. This makes the decision to participate yours only.

What if more than 52 sign up in a state?
We're seeking to start state-wide chapters with a minimum of 52. One we reaches the 'Tipping Point' of 52, we'll start breaking out into individual communities, spreading the network.

Will someone contact us every year?
Ideally, no. In order for us to facilitate with as little overhead as possible please choose a way to remind yourself annually of your 1 of 52 week. We will keep everyone updated through our website and newsletter.

What if we decide we can't participate anymore?
If you decide, for whatever reason, that you can no longer participate, we ask that you help us find a replacement for your week of the year in your state. This helps insure the program will self sustain.

What are there benefits to participating?

  • This is an opportunity for you, as an individual, to make a major difference as part of a national network of like thinkers.
  • Monetary contributions to most food banks and other non-profits are tax deductible. (Your canceled check or money order is your receipt.)
  • This program is great opportunity for good publicity! Copy our existing press releases and substitute your information to distribute to the press in your area.

Do you provide publicity for these actions / events?
The short answer is: We don't promise it. If you do want publicity, send us as much advanced information as possible. We will post it on our sites. Some publicity will result organically. Send actions / events to: https://www.facebook.com/1of52HungerNetwork/

You can also join our fb group page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1of52HungerNetworkGroupPage/

Please post events to the event page only. We are trying to keep the group page for sharing exerience / cause news.

In the spirit of the campaign, and in order for us to implement the amount of mass action needed, it is up to you to be responsible for as many details as possible. See the Guest Article tab by Jen Chapin on the Home Page on How to Stage a Benefit.

Are there other aspects of this plan?
The 1 of 52 concept is actually the main focus of the 501(c)3 Non-profit End Hunger Network. It is the frame work from which springs forth other ambitious projects in the works, i.e. A series of Compilation Albums, Blueprint Publications, Staged Events, Media Placement, Merchandising, etc. Stay tuned!

Is this plan limited to America?
America is our first target area because there is a problem here that: A) Shouldn't exist and can be cured through persistent actions and B) Is under our immediate control. We are simultaneously arranging to spread the concept into other countries since this plan can easily translate anywhere.(We do have our 1st of 52 in Europe! See Members Tab'.)

Who else is involved?
See the 'Members Tab'.

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