'1 of 52' Hunger Network Overview

How to become a member & participate. No fees, only action in one week a year.

Take Action to Help End Hunger in Your Community! How? Become a '1 of 52' Member!

It costs nothing to join us. Simply use your unique talent to take action in just one week annually. Here are suggested actions:

  • Apply your special talents to help end hunger - Not sure what to do? Visit the 'Chronology of Events' tab to see examples what others are doing
  • Donate all or a portion of proceeds from one revenue source annually*
  • Designate proceeds from any income source*
  • Contribute your services, art or merchandise to a hunger benefit auction
  • Create a fundraising event
  • Organize a food drive at an event, party or workplace
  • Plant a garden & share
  • Volunteer to support existing hunger organizations - also encourage your family, friends, co-workers, employees
  • Lobby to allow your voice to be heard on hunger issues
  • Invent your own method of participating
  • Invest in your local community by supporting local businesses

(*Note: If you decide to make a monetary contribution, 100% goes directly to the hunger relief agency of your choice. Also, check for workplace 'matches'. Visit feinsteinfoundation.org regularly for news on their national fundraising incentive programs.)

'1 of 52' Definition:

A grassroots network of everyday people using their unique talents in one week annually to help end hunger.

Our Mission:

To create food secure communities by uniting mass action through a simple grassroots network to maximize existing hunger agencies.

Purpose of the '1 of 52' Method:

The simplicity of the organization allows us to unite actions on a mass scale.

Consistently uniting these actions creates a national movement focusing attention on the solutions of ending hunger.

'1of 52' Organization & Commitment:

We are organizing a minimum of 52 actions in each state, witheach action representing one week of the year. You pick a week that is significant to you and designate it as your annual '1 of 52' week of action.

Participation is simple. It costs nothing to join. You simply decide on any action you feel comfortable taking, then build upon it annually. Direct your donation or action toward any hunger agency you wish to help.

Participation IS simple, however, your annual commitment is important. We're hoping to make the program self-perpetuate. We ask if for any reason you decide you can no longer participate, and if possible, that you help find a replacement to pass along your '1 of 52' week.

Who Can Participate?:

Everyone, from any walk of life, is invited to participate and use their own special talents to take action. '1 of 52' actions are often centered around music and art events where folks tend to gather and take action in their community. Musicians and artists are especially encouraged to involve their fans.

How to Participate as a '1 of 52' Member:

Fill out the attached form. We'll post your name / link / actions on our website.

Participants are responsible for taking their own actions 'soup-to-nuts'. If you want your actions to be publicized, contact us with as much advance notice as possible.

If making a monetary contribution, make your check or money order directly payable to the hunger agency of your choice and send it directly to them. Please note on the check memo line: '1 of 52' Hunger Network. We'd be happy to forward it for you. Either way, please inform us of your action or donation so we can track progress.

If you'd like to make a donation on a statewide level in RI, please consider:

  • Rhode Island Community Food Bank 200 Niantic Av, Providence, RI 02907 401-942-6325 www.rifoodbank.org
  • Thank you in advance for your caring, attention and consideration.

    (Note: You may already be taking action annually to help end hunger. If so, consider simply adding your name and actions to create greater strength-in-numbers.

    This brochure format is kept as simple B&W text to easily copy. Please share.)

    Contact'1 of 52' founder Steve Maciel to become involved at endhunger@cox.net.

    Visit www.1of52.net for more information.

  • In any state: Feeding America (Formerly Second Harvest) 1-800-771-2303, www.feedingamerica.org
  • Simply fill out this form, we'll post your name & link on our Member Roster page and you are a '1 of 52' Member!

    No fees, only action in just one week a year!

    The 1 of 52 Hunger Network Sign Up Sheet
    Print and Snail Mail to: The 1 of 52 Hunger Network, 175 Hazard Rd., W. Greenwich, RI 02817
    Or copy / paste / scan & email to endhunger@cox.net

    If after reviewing our overview information, you are ready to sing up as a '1 of 52' Member - Welcome Aboard! Simply fill out this form, we'll post your name & link on our Member Roster page and you are a '1 of 52' Member!

    No fees, only action in just one week a year!

    Short Form - The info at top of page is all we need to have you sign up to become '1 of 52' others in your state working to end hunger.

    Today's Date: _______________
    [ ] Yes, I understand the '1 of 52' Hunger Network would like to participate!

    Your name: ____________________________________________________________
    Optional signature: ______________________________________________________
    Name of company / organization/ artist / group: ________________________________
    Mailing address: ________________________________________________________
    Phone: ________________________________________________________________
    Fax: __________________________________________________________________
    Email: ________________________________________________________________
    Web / Social media sites: _________________________________________________

    Describe type of actions to be taken (Can describe in general or specific terms. More details can follow): ______________________________________________________________________

    The info below is not required to join up at this time, details can follow
    - info is always welcome before and after your actions for pre and post publicity.

    Alternate contact: ________________________________________________________
    Agency / Company: ______________________________________________________
    Management: ___________________________________________________________
    Phone/Fax/Email/Web site: ________________________________________________
    Location of event / action: _________________________________________________
    Tickets available in advance? _______ Prices $________________________________
    Phone number and address of venue: _______________________________________
    Contact person at venue: _________________________________________________
    Event dates / times / details: _______________________________________________
    Artists / speakers on bill in order of appearance: _______________________________
    Media contacts: _________________________________________________________
    Other details on actions / comments / activities: ________________________________

    Please share this with others who might like to join the '1 of 52 Hunger Network!

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