Blog Posting January 2014

Blog Posting January 2014
Stephen M. Maciel - Sun Jan 04, 2009 @ 06:42AM
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End Hunger Foundation's Economic Vision for Rhode Island
To address the root cause of hunger and poverty by creating community wealth to make all our residents full participating partners in our future.

Rhode Island First - An Initiative to Improve RI’s Economy by Supporting RI Businesses First

In response to one aspect of the recent Fourth Economy Consulting study to create a unified economic vision and comprehensive plan of action for Rhode Island: Focus on the term ‘Economic Gardening’ to cultivate homegrown companies and local talent so as not to lose them.

To help achieve this one aspect, allow me to propose that we implement a statewide initiative to serve as a rally point called Rhode Island First (RI 1st). The intent is to improve our economy by creating greater demand for Rhode Island products and services while building a stronger value proposition relative to the regional market. This will be achieved by re-focusing our attention inward to support Rhode Island businesses first following this three point agenda.

1) A primary focus of the RI 1st initiative is to call on our state government to adopt a policy that, when possible, purchase consideration be given to RI based businesses first. (See CT & MA models @

2) A secondary focus of the RI 1st initiative is to create greater demand for RI products and services by sharing a message that encourages all RI businesses and consumers to consider patronizing RI businesses first.

To illustrate the economic impact that a 10% shift in only consumer purchases can have, a recent study in an area of Michigan with a similar population to RI reports that just a 10% shift in consumer behavior to shop and dine locally would create $140 million in new economic activity, add 1,600 new jobs and provide $50 million in new wages ( A similar shift in state and business purchasing would surely produce even greater results. I propose we motivate a 10% shift in all our purchasing.

3) A third focus of the RI 1st initiative is to further capitalize on our current, past, and future Rhode Island ‘Firsts’ including:

  • RI ‘First’ in American History - e.g., Americas First Resort
  • RI ‘First’ Originated Products & Services - e.g., Birthplace of Industrial Revolution
  • RI ‘First’ Industries & Cultural Rankings - e.g., Top Food Destination
  • Building New RI ‘Firsts’

The promotional value of these Rhode Island ‘Firsts’ is limitless, e.g., expanded capitalization on our state’s exclusive claim as ‘America’s First Resort’ to further position and package RI as a year-round vacation destination. In conclusion, implementing Rhode Island First as a statewide initiative serves to enhance and unite existing ‘Buy Local RI’, ‘Made in RI’, ‘Discover RI’ movements* and helps “…cultivate homegrown companies and local talent so as not to lose them”.

Proposed by Stephen M. Maciel, President, End Hunger Foundation, Inc. -Updated 11/27/2013

EHF 501(c)(3) Non-Profit 401-368-1325,,, 175 Hazard Rd, West Greenwich, RI 02817

(To add your input, see contact information.)
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Comments: 2


1. Stephen M. Maciel   |   Mon Mar 10, 2014 @ 10:24PM

Had a great phone-in interview with Buddy Cianci on 630 WPRO Radio today regarding the RI 1st initiative. The mayor was gracious and had great questions for me.

He kept talking about the concepts for quite a while after. Every media exposure adds up! We have a big week planned to help share the mission of addressing the root cause of ending hunger and poverty by improving our local economy.

2. Stephen M. Maciel  |  my website   |   Sun Sep 21, 2014 @ 10:53AM

Also see our RI 1st fb page at:

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