Profile: Stephen M. Maciel

Stephen M. Maciel Sm_publicity_photo_-_hi_qual
W. Greenwich, RI

Stephen M. Maciel's career path began after picking up a bass guitar at age fifteen and immediately forming a six piece band which he managed, owned all the equipment, and ran it all while performing on stage. All while working two part-time jobs and finishing high school.

Mr. Maciel gravitated to audio sound engineering - both live and studio - and stage lighting. He went on to manage road crews for several regional touring acts performing major venues throughout the North East. Witnessing the strong connection between music and the cause of ending hunger, Mr. Maciel found his calling by fostering that link. He went on to use his musical and technical expertise to form the '1 of 52' Hunger Network - a grassroots movement that unites members who use their special talents in one week of the year to help end hunger. Mr. Maciel founded the concept in 1988 with a model program in Rhode Island and now has chapters started in 22 states. The network has directed tens of thousand of dollars, tons of food donations, and mass attention to food banks around the country and has has received major local, regional and national press acclaim.

Mr. Maciel also produced the critically acclaimed 16 track hunger benefit compilation CD; 'The Time is Now' featuring original songs by local and national artists including John Cafferty and Pete Seeger. He will be re-releasing the CD as a digital download for its 15th year anniversary. In his media centric career, Mr. Maciel has been employed in the sales and marketing departments of major media outlets such as ClearChannel Communications. In that capacity, he produced award winning promotional campaigns. He recently served as Marketing Director for Soundbox Corporation - a multi-media public recording studio. His responsibilities included driving consumer traffic to Soundbox Studios' retail locations, outside sales of Soundbox Mobile Units as well as initiating special events, local music distribution and publicity campaigns from inception to fruition.

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