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Welcome to The '1 of 52' Network - Ending Hunger with Strength-in-Numbers!

The '1 of 52' Hunger Network 

~ Where you, as an individual, can have a major impact ~

There are no fees to become a member, you simply use your unique talent to take action in just one week annually to help create food secure communities.

Santana Roberts performing at Hunger Awareness Day 2010

We are a Strength-in-Numbers network of everyday people dedicated to ending hunger. Our members help bring mass support to existing hunger organizations.
This is accomplished through a simple yet powerful grassroots method of organizing called The '1 of 52' Hunger Network. '1 of 52' Members take action in one week annually to bring united, cumulative support to the solutions of ending hunger.

Joining as '1of 52' Member is VERY simple:

  • YOU decide which actions you'll take - use your special talent to make a difference in just one week of the year.
  • 100% of all proceeds or actions you generate go directly to the hunger agency of YOUR choice.

Joining is VERY simple, however, your commitment is very important:

  • Since we ask for a minimum of one action in one week of the year annually, joining as a '1 of 52' member is a career or life commitment.

    We also ask if for any reason you decide you can no longer participate, and if possible, that you help us pass your week along to someone else. This enables our network to self perpetuate.

NOTE: If you are already taking action annually, and would like to unite your action with other like-thinkers to help us create greater strength-in-numbers, you can join now based upon your current actions.

If at this point, you've decided to join as a '1 of 52' Member in your state, you can go directly to the 'Join us!' tab and fill out the form there and welcome!

If would like more information to make your decision, go to the 'Overview' & 'FAQs' tabs.

Either way, thank you for caring, Peace, Steve Maciel, Founder.


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